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Exit, Stage Left
"You're lonely," he said.
Thelma jumped, startled. She might not have even heard his voice over the thumping dance music, but it was just at that moment where there was a temporary lull between songs. He stood nearby, his head slightly tilted. Thelma glanced behind her, his words ricocheting in her mind - she wasn't sure what was more surprising, what he'd said or that he'd noticed and bothered to relay this observation to her at all. He was good-looking, tall and thin with artfully spiky hair, but something about him struck her as unsettling. Perhaps it was the way he spoke, or that his eyes were oddly piercing, but either way she felt herself straightening, suddenly alert.
"Yes, I am talking to you," he said, looking amused. "You're Thelma, right?"
"Yeah..." she replied, trying to play off her momentarily confusion, tucking a strand of her auburn, shoulder-length hair behind her ear. "Sorry, and you're...?"
She smiled hopefully, but though her tone was apologetic, she herself
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 8 9
Mature content
And I'll Walk Back To You (Logan x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 54 15
Claiming tomorrow (V x Reader)
"Look this way, sweetheart."
"Don't, V."
V lowered the camera slowly, looking both parts puzzled and slightly hurt. It was a bright, sunny day today, the light streaming into your apartment and the open window allowing in a pleasant breeze. Spring was on its way. As you looked over at V, you took a fleeting moment to appreciate how beautiful he was, even simply hanging out with you, his signature sunglasses propped atop his soft teal hair.
"It's nothing. Just, you know I don't like having my picture taken. Besides, a world class photographer like you can surely find some better subject matter than just plain old me."
"Why would you say that?" V asked, not in a defensive or offended way, more like he earnestly wanted to understand.
Though it was still early days in your relationship, you were constantly finding new things you loved about V. Perhaps it was just something so new and exciting to you that was clouding your judgment, but you didn't care. Being with him was the
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 60 20
Waka waka waka :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 6 1
Seeking Solace (Leon Kuwata x Reader)
It probably seemed like a weird thing to do, but you considered these to be extenuating circumstances.
Extremely extenuating.
Still, it was difficult to quell the butterflies in your stomach as you walked down the hall, the silence around you only contributing to your already-frazzled nerves. There was something about being alone in the absolute quiet that was implicitly threatening, even though there was no way anybody could sneak up on you this way - even the slightest of noises seemed like gunshots to your ears.
Forcing yourself to get off that particular train of thought, you steeled yourself and, arriving at the door in front of you, raised your arm and knocked on the door quietly, before you could chicken out.
The knocks made you jump, even though you were the one causing the sound. On the other side of the door you heard a muffled thud and some other sounds of confusion, before a voice rang out,
"Who is it?"
You cleared your throat.
"It's me. Can I come in?"
"Huh? Oh yeah
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 24 5
Hades and Persephone (Leo x Reader)
“I hate this."
"I know you do."
"No, I really hate this."
You scowled in the mirror as your maid finished lacing up your dress, each pinch and yank of fabric only serving to needle your already sour mood. The material was cold on your bare skin and you could barely move in the damn thing, with the upper half fastened so tightly it made your breath come out in shallow gasps and the silk pooled around your feet, making it difficult to take any wide steps. You felt like a horse being groomed before it was due to be taken out to market for a potential buyer.
You had been engaged to Prince Leo of Nohr since childhood, but knowing that had in no way prepared you for your official move there. There were a lot of rumours about that place and most of them leant towards the negative...not that anybody seemed interested in your stressed out state, which only served to make you surlier and even more uncooperative.
"You never know, milady," your maid said soothingly, helping to fasten a glitt
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 69 8
Mature content
[Lemon] Red Wires (707 x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 96 11
Firefly path (Hisagi Shuuhei x Reader)
"You look a little lost."
Hisagi Shuuhei glanced up. His head had been gravitating towards the bar, sake making him dazed and sluggish. Though it had been Matsumoto's idea to go out for drinks, she and Kira had left some time ago, Kira slurring and Matsumoto singing a loud, bawdy song that was nowhere near the right key. He didn't feel like returning to the Ninth Division just yet, his bedroom seeming cold and remote in his mind's eye.
Blearily, he glanced to his left where a fellow Shinigami was leaning by the bar, watching him with a sympathetic tilt of their head. Hisagi blinked, caught off guard.
"I'm sorry, do I know you?" he asked, feeling a tingle of embarrassment nag at him through his drunken haze.
"No, you don't," you said matter-of-factly. "I'm just a lowly unranked Shinigami. There's no reason for the Ninth Division lieutenant to know me."
Despite himself, Hisagi felt a smile pull at his lips.
"You make me sound like a snob."
You laughed, and the sound was pleasant to the l
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 34 6
Mature content
The Fourth Victim :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 10 8
Mature content
Force of Habit (Jumin Han x Drunk!Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 99 20
Scribbles :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 4 2
Eventide (Hajime Hinata x Reader)
"I thought I might find you here."
Hajime Hinata looked up as you approached him, feet making virtually no noise on the pale sands. He attempted a smile for your benefit, but it soon flickered and died on his face, like a lightbulb going out. You had seen him wandering off earlier, his shoulders slumped, and knew he might end up brooding all night without someone to talk to. Rolling your eyes, you closed the distance and perched on the wall he was sitting on. Digging your feet into the soft ground, you shot him a glance.
"Still thinking about Byakuya and Teruteru?" you asked.
"That, and everything else that's happened," Hajime affirmed, dragging his hands through his hair, which he often did when thinking hard about something. "But...even so, we'd all only just started to get to know each other, and now two people are gone..."
"Yeah, and at least Byakuya's death was quick," you added bitterly, drumming bitten nails on the stone beneath you. "Teruteru...he wasn't quite so lucky."
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 23 15
Scar Tissue (Niles x Reader)
"Niles, put me down."
"Niles, seriously, I can walk-"
"Not happening, dollface."
The archer stoutly ignored your protesting, strolling to the infirmary with you casually slung over his shoulder like a felled deer or something. You had tried yanking on his hair to make him let go, but he pointed out you were in a pretty vulnerable position as-is, so you wisely decided to stop antagonising him. Still, his gait was entirely too cheerful in your opinion (and his hand wandering too far up your thigh), so you made sure to loudly voice your protests. Just in case anybody got the wrong idea.
"Sorry, sweetheart," Niles purred, not sounding sorry at all as he ducked inside. "Lord Leo's orders."
"He's being so dramatic," you growled, shaking your head.
So what if you'd been a little slow when dodging a stray swipe from a katana from an enemy? It was just a little blood; you'd think the dark magic wielding prince and his two retainers wouldn't be taking it so seriousl
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 67 14
summer, ephemeral
Sunlight trickles through my faltering fingers as summer retreats,
taking with it its shining days filled with intoxicating heat and humming energy, that feeling that your feet can take you anywhere, like anything could happen. Its dappled shadows that sway like a familiar mirage, fingerprints that smudge icecube-cold glasses, sweetness lingering on the tip of the tongue.
while autumn creeps in, it bleaches the sky grey, rations off the daylight. Leaves tremble, browning up and curling before they fall away and crumble into nothing. We all look at the dying light and shut the doors with a weary sigh as the last rays fade, vapour curling at our lips.
summer makes me hopeful, with those neverending blue skies and careless afternoons that melt into velvet evenings, fleeting star-filled nights. The emerald-green trees flicker in the heat, the breeze that lifts up my hair and touches flushed skin. The world laid out clear and bright before you, fields blending with open road, winding ribbon
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 6 4
Lovesick (Yandere!Mikan x Reader)
Mikan let out a contented sigh as she stared fondly down at your slack countenance, her fingers carefully brushing your hair out of your face.
She just loved to watch you sleep.
With half-lidded grey eyes, Mikan's hand twitched as she moved it across the bedspread, watching your chest rise and fall. If she had it her way, she'd be under them with you right now, so she could be as close to her beloved as possible and there for you when you woke. The school infirmary was not a popular place to be and Mikan hoped was certain you'd feel better if there was a familiar face nearby. Maybe it would even be like a fairytale, and you'd wake up and admit your true feelings...
A sudden flush crawled up Mikan's neck and her face flooded with colour as her imagination ran riot in her head. She put her hands to her hot cheeks and let out a sigh of rapture.
Perhaps if you were conscious, you would have been concerned by the look in her eyes, so in this case it seemed that ignorance was bliss. You were
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 72 11
there won't be flowers on his grave
"Do it."
Diesel looked down at the man before him, his fingers tightening on the trigger. He could do it. He could.
It had been raining hard, so the ground was soggy beneath them, malleable as clay. Diesel's boots were sinking into the mud as he stood there, his heels dipping into the slush. The man was sniveling and trying to pretend he wasn't - even if he could pretend his tears were just rainwater, his face was crumpled up like a paper bag.
Difficult to believe about an hour ago, they were on equal footing.
Such was the unpredictability of battle.
Now, however, the roadside was littered with corpses, puddles of blood mixing with the rain until the gutters ran red, and the stink of rotting meat beginning to set in. Within a few hours, the birds would be descending for a feast. Already the call of ravens could be made out over the sound of rain, crying out to each other that soon it would just be them and the dead. Some people hated crows for this reason, but Diesel couldn't begrudge
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 3 2
So this was posted to :iconJimPAVLICO:'s profile, which his friend made, and I decided to give it a try. I won't tag anyone but feel free to do this too. I

250px-133Eevee by cmoontoon

[ ] You can easily adapt to any changes that may come your way 
[ ] You have been underestimated bc of your size
[ ] You are the shortest member of your family and/or group of friends
[ ] You are, or have been called, naive/childish 
[x ] You prefer living in the city or suburban neighborhoods over country or rural towns w lots of land but less people
[x] People have told you "you have a lot of potential"
[x] You are more of a tomboy/masculine type of person   
[ ] You make friends easily, and enjoy being around people
[ ] You get called "cute" more than any other compliment 
[x] You have been called: different/unstable/irregular/strange

250px-134Vaporeon by cmoontoon

[ ] You are an excellent swimmer
[ ] You love mermaids and mermaid aesthetic 
[/ ] You are not shy, but you are quite independent and prefer being on your own (or maybe w one or two people you are very close with) 
[ ] You enjoy rainy weather more than any other kind
[ ] If you could, you would live by the ocean in a heart beat. Preferably without neighbors.  
[x ] You enjoy the quiet. 
[x] You are an excellent friend, and enjoy making friends w people who are very similar AND very different from you
[] You drink plenty of water and encourage everyone to do the same!
[ ] You are great at most sports, maybe not the best, but you are definitely very good and athletic 
[x ] You prefer cool colors (green, blue, purple) rather than warm colors (red, orange, yellow)

TOTAL: 3.5

250px-135Jolteon by cmoontoon

[x] You do not want anyone to touch you without your given consent 
[ ] You are extremely athletic and good at pretty much every sport you try. a very fast runner, swimmer, a high jumper etc pretty much anything physical you excel!! 
[x] You have a habit of keeping things in and then lashing out, rather then letting someone know immediately that they bothered you
[x] You are an extremely sensitive and emotional person who takes many things personally
[x] If someone does not know you well, they usually assume that you are a rude/salty/mean type of person  
[x] You do not feel the need to be very nice to people who are not already your friends
[ ] Usually you only make friends when someone else approaches you first (you rarely reach out to someone else first)
[x] It does not take much for you to become stressed or overwhelmed
[x] You are very passionate about your interests or beliefs but prefer not to talk about them for fear of being judged for them 
[x] You are very shy 

250px-136Flareon by cmoontoon

[ ] People say you look just like your baby/childhood pictures and havent changed a bit in all these years (even if in your opinion youve changed a lot!)
[ ] You are chubby and/or the chubbiest in your family or group of friends
[x] You love sunshine!! you prefer to go out during a bright, sunny day rather than a dark, moonlit night
[ ] You love physical expressions of love: kisses, hugs, hand holding etc
[ ] You make friends easily and go out of your way to make sure all of your friends are as happy as you are ^u^
[x] You are not good at sports at all and no one (including yourself) would ever describe you as athletic or even "in shape"
[ ] You do not like arguments or any form of confrontation, when it comes down to it you can def defend yourself, but avoidance is your greatest weapon
[ ] People consider you to be a comfortable person to be around and most everyone enjoys your company
[ ] You are usually one of the shortest people in a group, but definitely not the shortest one
[ ] You can not swim


250px-196Espeon by cmoontoon

[x] You treasure your friends and treat them like family (some times even closer than family)
[x] You love mythology and cryptozoolgy and enjoy any kind of mystical/magical lore and/or creatures
[ ] You are early to bed, and early to rise, a total morning person
[ ] You are thin and usually the thinnest in your group of friends and/or family
[x] You use your instincts/guts/intuition/emotions/feelings/vibes to make a split decision more often than using logic or a thought out plan
[x] People have told you you are good looking/attractive
[ ] You consider yourself good looking/attractive
[ ] You enjoy checking your horoscope, and also checking the ones of your friends even if they didnt ask you to 
[x] You do not find sports or strenuous activity fun in the least, you would much prefer to just chill out w your friends, sitting and talking 
[x] You love fortune telling aesthetic; crystal balls, tarot cards, constellations etc


250px-197Umbreon by cmoontoon
[ ] You treasure your friends more than anything else; more than yourself, more than your family etc
[x] You a total night owl; much more active at night and sleeping in most days 
[ ] You would much prefer to go out on a cool, moonlit night w your friends, rather than a bright, sunny day
[x] You have been called scary or intimidating 
[ ] You scare easily so you actively avoid jumpscare videos and horror movies
[ ] You are quiet in nature, not often starting a conversation but waiting to be spoken to first
[x] When you are angry it is easy for you to remain eloquent; rarely tripping over your words when making an argumentative point
[x] You are very intelligent and clever; you are someone who uses logic to solve pretty much every troublesome situation; your friends often rely on your smarts
[x] You enjoy puzzle and word games
[x] You are fascinated by egyptian mythology


250px-470Leafeon by cmoontoon

[ ] When playing Undertale, you always choose the pacifist route and NEVER the genocide or even neutral
[ ] You avoid confrontation and drama at all costs, you are a peaceful person and you enjoy surrounding yourself w peaceful people and things 
[ ] You much prefer the quiet, country life to that of the loud city
[x] You adore the sunshine, and try to go out whenever the day is sunny and bright
[ ] Someone has complimented your smell/said you smell nice
[ ] You are a very peaceful person to be around and most people like to be around you when they feel stressed
[ ] You make it a point to be kind to all people, animals and things 
[ ] You can not stand smokers and while you will not say anything to them, you will move as far away from them as possible 
[ ] You love going for quiet walks in nature, preferably by yourself
[ ] A rainy day is a good day to play outside


250px-471Glaceon by cmoontoon

[ ] You have excellent control over you emotions; rarely ever acting out in a rash, emotional, or foolish way
[ ] You enjoy a challenge and will actively participate in activities that are incredibly difficult in the hope of bettering yourself/making yourself stronger
[x] You enjoy your own company usually more than the company of others
[ ] You enjoy blending in w the crowd, and not being noticed
[ ] Youre fine w extremely harsh weather. When everyone is complaining that it is too cold or too hot, you are usually just fine and comfortable. 
[ ] You are extremely adaptable to all sorts of situations. 
[ ] It takes a lot to make you stressed. You are an extremely mellow/level headed person
[x] If someone has hurt you, you will never forgive them. There is no second chance. You will completely cut them from your life.
[ ] You are always open to trying new things, even crazy or dangerous new things (like eating bug delicacies or base jumping)
[x] You are picky with your relationships. it may take you a while to trust someone, but when you do you are a friend for life.


250px-700Sylveon by cmoontoon

[ ] You LOVELOVELOVE everyone you are close to and treasure them all very dearly!! friends, family, pets, etc
[ ] You enjoy holding hands w everyone you love
[x] You have been called a wonderful and encouraging friend
[ ] You are called "cute" more than any other compliment
[x] You are often underestimated bc of your looks
[ ] You use people's assumptions of you to your advantage
[ ] You have used your looks to get what you want 
[ ] Making friends is very easy for you
[ ] You LOVE being around people whether they are strangers or friends; you are never shy
[ ] You are a very talented actor/actress (if you lie, most people will believe it)

Total: 2


Jolteon: 7
Espeon: 6
Umbreon: 6
Eevee: 4
Vaopreon: 3.5
Glaceon: 3
Flareon: 2
Sylveon: 2
Leafeon: 1

I'm a little disappointed I didn't get Espeon as my Eeveelution, but at least it was close. XD

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  • Playing: Tales of Zestiria
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.

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